I’ve been a little MIA…

It’s been a pretty crazy last couple of weeks. I finished my final co-op term at Cisco last Friday – I’m going to miss it there!! Here’s a snapshot of what I got to work on all summer. Getting back into school-mode is going to be interesting…

I was Waterloo-bound by 6am the next day for my final 8 months of undergrad. With six courses, an internship and possibly a part-time job to juggle, it’s going to be a whirlwind of a term.

Despite all the insanity, I’m very excited to be back. One of my favorite things about being a co-op student is never knowing what to expect at the beginning of every term, regardless of if you’re on campus or working for the next four months. You’re constantly meeting new people, working on different projects and exploring new paths. It’s the perfect place to be if, like me, you don’t already have a specific career in mind for when you graduate.

It’s frosh week and I’m already in work mode. Reality is setting in and I’m currently taking baby steps with my honours thesis! FOUR YEARS HAVE FLOWN BY, AHHHH. I will write a post about it within the next couple weeks – it’s pretty exciting stuff.

All seriousness aside, you bet I’m still reserving time to have fun. In fact, I’m gonna leave it at this for now. I’ve been away for eight months and there’s so many friends to catch up with!

Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “I’ve been a little MIA…

  1. wriskmanager says:

    Great to see your work and read your blog. Keep up the wonderful educational experience since it seems to be paying dividends. Hope we can connect someday, now that you’re back in the Region.

      1. wriskmanager says:

        I never know what info is public and what is not so how do we exchange e-mail addresses in private? If you think I’m a little paranoid – well, just a little hehe. Occupational hazard. Oh – and if you think it is just paranoia, I’ll be happy to tell you some stories. 😉

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