Creativity vs. Climate Change


In support of the WWF’s Earth Hour, Do the Green Thing‘s latest campaign involves creating 23 Posters with world-famous designers, artists and creatives illustrating simple ways to lead a greener lifestyle. Each poster has clever design, copy and numbers that provide relevancy to a general audience and resources for further engagement. One poster will be published a day from March 1st until Earth Hour on the 23rd.

Today’s poster (shown below) by creative directors Dan Norris and Ray Shaughnessy at Wieden + Kennedy resonated with me. I was raised a meat eater and will never be able to cut it out of my diet completely… my love for bacon, fried chicken and bbq’d steak cannot be subdued. Over the last few years I have “made meat a treat” by cutting my consumption to once or twice a week, and only eating steak on the occasional dinner outing ;). Not only do I feel like I am contributing in a way by reducing my carbon footprint, but it has also helped my wallet and made me more conscious of my eating habits.

Creativity vs. Climate Change

Do The Green Thing believes in using world-class creativity as an effective tool for seducing, provoking and persuading people to change their attitudes and behaviors for the better.


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