Taking Leaps

Back in the fall I attended a series of entrepreneurship lectures hosted by the TiE Toronto chapter. If you are involved or even remotely interested in social entrepreneurship, this program was a fantastic crash course. Each week’s theme progressed in a linear fashion, from developing your idea to raising funds, to balancing the demands of impact and profit as your business grows. They brought in amazing guest speakers to share their stories, learning experiences, advice and resources. I was fortunate enough to attend most of the lectures in person but they were also broadcast online (and here’s the course materials). OH, AND IT WAS FREE.

At one of the lectures in September, I met this really awesome woman working in the SocEnt community in Regent Park. I was lamenting the idea of spontaneously packing my bags and going to the Social Enterprise World Forum. I was taken back by her response, which was along the lines of: “Well why not? Just book a flight and go. I don’t have my conference pass yet… but I booked a flight… so I’m DEFINITELY going!” I wished her luck. I ran into her again at another lecture later in October. She attended the conference and took a road trip afterwards and it sounded like the best time ever. I really admired her ability to embrace the unknown.

I always tell people the best plans are unplanned. I’m usually talking about an evening out.

So two nights ago, I’m staring at the acceptance letter to attend the Emerging Environmental Leaders Forum on March 25 in Vancouver. If I qualify, I could also attend GLOBE, which at this point has only been a dream for me because student debt. It costs almost two month’s rent $1600 to attend and I don’t have a relevant job to send me there. I still can’t afford the ticket this year, but at least now THERE’S A CHANCE.

So I decided I’m DEFINITELY going. Westjet’s seat sale ended Monday night, so I scraped my travel points together and I got a really, really cheap flight.

Best case scenario: I attend EELF and spend three amazing days with like-minded people and making new connections at one of the largest environment and business gatherings in the world. I spend a weekend with my dad’s family. I catch up with my old co-workers, roommates and friends in the area. Maybe hop over to Victoria for a couple days.

Worst case scenario: All the above minus two days at GLOBE.

I’M GOING GUYS. Here’s to being fearless in 2014!


…Now I just have to talk my SO into moving there permanently. 😉


4 thoughts on “Taking Leaps

  1. wriskmanager says:

    Way to go, Nicole Anne! We all need dreams so go get it. My daughter and SO are there now and love Vancouver. Still glad we connected over Starbucks when you were in school and I still follow you here. You’re in my prayers so I wish you all the best.

    1. Nicole Anne says:

      This reply is long overdue and I apologize, but same to you Larry it was great to connect and our discussion really helped me re-evaluate my strategy in terms career ambitions and how I network. One of these days I hope to move out West too! Lots of opportunities there for environmental work. Hope all is well in K-W!

      1. Larry E. Wettlaufer says:

        Thanks and I think you also helped me re-evaluate my own business life so we both benefited from our discussion. Do you still have my contact info? I’d like to talk with you again because you may be the missing key in something I’m working on.

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