Shut Up And Take My Money

I think I am developing a tiny addiction to Kickstarter.

Last week I backed The Greenlid – a Toronto-based green startup.

The Greenlid is a two piece green bin composed of a biodegradable, mess-free compost container and a reusable, dishwasher-safe lid. The compostable container can withstand wet organic waste and contains minerals that will enrich the soil once decomposed. Replacement containers will retail for about a dollar a piece.

I see this product becoming a hit in cities like Toronto where the condo population is growing. Most newly-built condominium towers have a combined garbage and organic waste chute; meaning little effort is required to divert organic waste from landfills. The Greenlid will only add to the convenience factor.

They currently sit at 110 backers with 26 days to go. The starter kits costs $30.


2 thoughts on “Shut Up And Take My Money

    1. Nicole Anne says:

      I hope the venture takes off for them! Already 1/3 of the way there in terms of reaching their goal, with 24 days left. I’m looking forward to the starter pack I ordered. 🙂

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