CityPlace Homegrown National Park Project

The Homegrown National Park Project is a mission led by the David Suzuki Foundation to establish the world’s first homegrown “National Park” by crowd-sourcing a vibrant green corridor of creative gardening interventions through the City of Toronto.

Since Spring 2014 I have been leading a number of park and community engagement efforts in my condominium neighborhood, CityPlace, one of Toronto’s largest master-planned communities. The goal is to generate awareness of the importance of nature in urban areas, its influence on our mental and physical health, and how adequate green space can improve quality of life. For the pilot project, I led volunteer efforts to remove invasive garlic mustard in Canoe Landing Park and plant a pollinator garden with a color scheme that matched the Canadiana elements Douglas Copeland incorporated into the original park design.

canoe landing

In 2015 I became the liaison for all CityPlace parks & gardening matters as a Director on the board of the CityPlace Residents Association; leveraging strong relationships with the City of Toronto, the David Suzuki Foundation, Concord Adex, and an amazing group of neighborhood volunteers. I became involved with the consultation processes for future community developments within and relevant to CityPlace which influenced the plans to put a rooftop garden and events space in the community centre of the Block 31 development slated to open in 2018.

I am honored to be ranked on The Starfish Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 this year for my work with the Homegrown National Park Project.

Check out other amazing HGNP projects here.


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